Please Read Before You Submit:

  • Who is the audience for your panel?

  • Do you have a moderator and speakers confirmed?

  • Do you have a clear topic of conversation?

  • Do you have any partners affiliated?

  • What makes you and your speakers qualified to speak on the topic?

  • What makes your panel unique and topical?


  • Panels have no more than 5 Speakers (Must include 1 designated moderator)

  • Sessions are 30-90 minutes 

  • Session Types

    • Panel: 4-5 panelists discussing a specific topic followed by a short Q&A

    • Workshop or Masterclass: Experts providing insight and advice on a specific topic or technology 

    • Presentation or Demo: Experts showcasing specific elements or applications of product or service

    • Meetup or Mixer: A gathering of like minded people or several specific groups intended to develop relationships